DIMAH Meeting Minutes: Kings College London Meeting 26th July 2018

Held on the Thursday 26th July 2018 at Franklin-Wilkins Building, King’s College London, Waterloo Campus, London. 10.30 – 15.30pm

Present: Margot Turner (MT), Riya George (RG) Jon Ward (JW), Shuangyu Li (SL), Enam Haque (EH), Adrian Barrowdale (AB), Elaine Mealey (EM)and Jia Liu (JL), Antoon Cox (AC).


Minute Taker: Riya George (RG)

1.      ApologiesValerie Farnsworth (VF), Helen Orton (HO), Rebecca Farrington (RF), Barry Ewart (BE), Manbinder Sidhu (MS), Rachel Lindley (RL), Samantha Hibbits (SH), Maryanne Freer (MF), Aarti Bansal (AB), Davinder Singh (DS), Liz Forty (LF), Candan Ertubey (CE),Ioanna Markai (IM), June Jones (JJ) and Helen Bintley (HB).


2.       Minutes from the last meeting:Accepted as a true record.


3.      Matters arising and action points from the last meeting:

  • Action points were discussed throughout the meeting. The treasurer report will be discussed at the next meeting as Helen Orton (HO) will begin her post then. (Pete Leftwick) PL has resigned as DIMAH Treasurer.


4.      Membership and Finance: HO will become the DIMAH Treasurer on the 01 August 2018 and two individuals have recently joined DIMAH from King’s College London and Imperial.


5.      DIMAH website and social media: EH has been liaising with JP (John Prendergast) and provided an update on the DIMAH website and social media. A forum/ ‘a discussion board’ has been set up although there are still technical issues. EH will continue liaising with JP about this. SL suggested asking JP whether it would be possible for individuals to ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ to receiving emails from the discussion board. EN informed members that podcasts can be uploaded, this can be found under the ‘educational resources’ section of the website.


6.      Research updates:

  • RG and MS are working on developing papers exploring ethnicity, inclusion and diversity education. EH mentioned Professor Veena Rodiguz expressed interest in working with DIMAH to explore differential attainment in BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) medical students. RG AGREED to contact Professor Veena Rodiguz regarding this.
  • JW, SL, JL, RG & CE (Candan Ertubey) are working on a paper exploring the similarities and differences in theoretical frameworks in inter-professional education and cultural competence/diversity education.
  • RG and SL are working on a paper exploring theoretical frameworks in diversity education.
  • MT and her student had a Pecha Kucha accepted for the AMEE 2018 conference. SL suggested MT facilitate a workshop on how to prepare for presenting a Pecha Kucha for DIMAH members.
  • SL is the chair of a Special Interest Group (SIG) titled‘Language and Cultural Discordance in Healthcare Communication’for EACH and is keen to expand membership and encourage networking with DIMAH members. If individuals are interested in joining this SIGg group, please contact SL directly on shuangyu.li@kcl.ac.uk.MT suggested SI facilitate a CPD session on this SIG, thereby promoting connections between the two groups.


7.      DIMAH conference planning and preparation:

  • JW informed members present that the CBME team at the University of Birmingham may be interested facilitating a workshop at the DIMAH conference and AGREED to explore this further. JW also AGREED to inform the UKCCC members about the DIMAH conference, once the flyer has been created.
  • EN is currently working on a flyer for the DIMAH conference. It was AGREEDthat MT and EN would develop a draft double sided flyer, using an image developed by MT’s student. It was also suggested the flyer should be distributed digitally and if feasible to incorporate an animation or a podcast.
  • It was AGREED the conference is aimed at healthcare education and hopes to attract a wide range students and academics from inter-professional disciplines. AB suggested included a statement on who is the target audience on the flyer and also a statement on collecting continuing professional development (CPD) points. AB also suggested using Event Brite and reviewing the feed-back from last year’s conference. Members present mentioned having a representative from the MSC (Medical Schools Council) would be beneficial for DIMAH.
  • MT informed members present that she has contacted the organisation and it has been established that each room can hold poster boards. It was AGREED at the last meeting, a £50.00 charge will be included for attendees at the conference, how-ever this was re-evaluated at the meeting. It has now been AGREED that conference charges will be £70.00 for non-members, £50.00 for members and £25.00 for students, institutions who are members of DIMAH will receive a discounted rate. MT AGREED to set up the conference attendees registration and charging on the Event Brite website and explore costing.
  • AB and others suggested the theme of the conference needs to be made more specific and transparent, with discussions on whether the conference is focusing on fairness, equity or curriculum development issues for diversity education. MT AGREED to revise the description on the flyer to account for this feedback and also to include this in her welcome speech. It was AGREED the flyer should include a sentence about the link between diversity curriculum change and differential attainment and emphasise the importance of involving key stakeholders involved in curriculum development and design of diversity teaching. SL suggested having a profile and brief abstract from the speakers on the flyer and RG suggested we should have a program like the last conference, MT AGREED to do this.
  • SL noted the text on the website is different to the information to the flyer, this needs to be reviewed, SL AGREED to do this after MT and EH confirmed the content of the flyer. SL suggested making the conference accessible to everyone not just DIMAH members, SL AGREEDto liaise with JP to ensure this is amended.
  • Workshops:Abstracts for workshops have been submitted by EN, RF, MT, RG, SL and VF (Valerie Farnsworth). The workshops were discussed and the following was AGREED:

1.)    RG would revise the abstract proposed as a poster to do as a workshop.

2.)    EN and RF will be facilitating a workshop on dysfunctional consultations. It was suggested to improve the workshop, changing the term ‘consultations’ to ‘clinical interactions’ and involving different healthcare professionals in the role play would be beneficial.  JW suggested having members being involved in the role-play and using the concept of ‘forum theatre.’ SL AGREED to send EH different models of consultation. It was suggested having an ice breaker on what models of communication are utilised among attendees would also help promote discussion.

3.)    MT will be facilitating a workshop on the BAME attainment gap with a group of medical students. EN encourage MT to host this workshop at the University of Manchester and MT AGREEDto share a case scenario on racism with EH.

4.)    SL shared his idea about facilitating a workshop on his Master’s program titled ‘Intercultural Clinical Education’ and invited RG and JL to co-facilitate if available.This workshop will be focused on ‘faculty development’. Members suggested involving students and gaining their perspectives in this workshop. SL AGREED to send the abstract to MT by the deadline given below.

5.)    MT AGREED to contact HO to explore whether she would be interested in facilitating a workshop. JW will potentially consider facilitating a workshop on unconscious bias. Antoonsuggested he may be interesting in conducting workshop on educational research and transferability into educational development.

  • It was AGREED individuals would submit their abstracts to MT (this should include the conference themes) by the 09.08.2018.MT will finalise the flyer/ poster and conference program by the 09.08.2018.
  • Keynotes speakers: MT provided an essay produced by a student to present during the Welcome Speech and asked others for comments. It was suggested it would be helpful to have an introductory description for the student’s talk, to shorten the piece, to make clearer the link between this piece to medical education / healthcare and to select a few pieces of text to put on the artwork.
  • EN suggested doing a ‘press release’ for the conference,this was AGREED by all members to be a positive action. RG AGREED to ask (AR) Angela Rowlands for last year’s list of attendees for the conference. Other suggestions included advertising the DIMAH conference on the BBC Health Check/ MogalDesviand. MT AGREED to liaise with HO about local media and how to advertise the conference.
  • Date of the next meeting: To be confirmed, it will either be on the 27.09.2018/ 28.09.2018. RG and JW informed members she will be unable to attend the meeting if it is on the 27.09.2018. MT will liaise with HO about the next DIMAH meeting.


8.      Continuing Professional Development (CPD):MT facilitated a session on developing podcasts on diversity education. The following questions for podcasts were AGREED:

  • How do you promote inclusivity in healthcare programmes?
  • How do you put diversity into curriculum?
  • What is the biggest challenge for embedding diversity into the curriculum?


9.      Any Other Business (A.O.B):

  • EN, SL, JL and JW AGREED to recommence the DIMAH twitter discussions after September 2018.