2nd Diversity in Medicine and Health (DIMAH) Conference 2019

DIMAH (Diversity in Medicine and Health) is a national collaborative organisation created in 2011. We are a group of academics working in healthcare courses across the UK.

We are pleased to be holding our second national conference on 9th May 2019. We want to build on the success of our first conference and encourage health care academics and trainers to bring students to continue the conversation about how diversity issues are being embedded in the curriculum.


Thursday 9th May 2019
Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool


At the conference, we want to hear students’ perspectives on issues such as equity, inclusion and diversity curriculum development. In past years DIMAH has focused exclusively on curriculum development but at this conference we want to emphasise the importance of making links between diversity curriculum change and the attainment gap. It is so important we don’t work in silos on these issues and that we learn from all the health care curricula and students.

  • Conference Themes
  • Staff Development
  • Student Experience
  • Attainment gap
  • Curriculum Development
  • Sharing Resources
  • Inclusion and Health
  • Educational Research
  • Keynotes Speakers:
  • Dr Katherine Woolf – Senior Lecturer, UCL. Expertise in and published research on diversity in medical education
  • Sarah Lasoye – NUS Women’s Officer 2018-19
  • Bankolu Alo – Medical Student, St.George’s Medical School
  • Medical Schools Council



  • £70 Non DIMAH members
  • £50 DIMAH members
  • £20 Students


Creatively sharing resources

All participants are encouraged to bring creative resources to share. These could be conference posters, handmade posters, collages, scenarios, exercises; anything that innovatively shows how staff and students explore diversity. Everyone will get a certificate with feedback and we will share your contributions for a lunchtime exchange session. Any aspect of diversity in health care education can be addressed. We would particularly encourage student staff partnerships. Everyone will receive a certificate and we will share the work on our website.

For further information, please contact:

Margot Turner, DIMAH Chair (for information about the conference) maturner@sgul.ac.uk
Helen Orton, DIMAH Treasurer (for information about venue) h.p.orton@liverpool.ac.uk
Or take a look at our website www.dimah.co.uk or visit our Twitter account @DIMAH_UK