DIMAH Meeting Minutes: Barts Hospital London 14th April 2016

Conference Planning Meeting held at Barts Hospital London on 14 April 2016.

Present: Angela Rowlands, Nisha Dogra (Chair), Shuangyu Li, Riya George, Enam-ul-Haque, Candan Ertubey,  Rebecca Farrington, Pete Leftwick, Davinder Singh.



Jon Ward and Margot Turner. 

This was a closed meeting for committee members who are to act as facilitators at the conference on 6 May.

The group reviewed the conference timetable. Nisha will begin with an introduction. She will discuss with Aarti whether they are to do the exercise together after this or if it would be best to introduce the organisation instead.


Action: Nisha

We have approximately 75 candidates. We decided it would be best if Nisha allocates the posters into groups at random. We will have groups of 7 groups of 10-12 or 8 groups of 10 (approximately 5 posters each). Nisha will email candidates to check whether it is alright to share their email contact details with other candidates and put their posters in a pack.


Action: Nisha

After some discussion it was agreed that in workshop 1 candidates will have up to 7 minutes to present their posters and 8 minutes for discussion. Timekeeping will be important. Key points to ask of candidates: Where are you with your diversity teaching? Where do you want to go? How do you get there? Facilitators are asked to bring away with them 3 key points from the group discussion.

Nisha will ask Jon if he would feedback these points to the large group after lunch.


Action: Nisha

Candidates and facilitators will have different badges to identify them. Candidates’ badges will have numbers on them to indicate what group they are in for workshop 1.


Facilitators are requested to arrive at Woburn House at 830am on the day of the conference.

Riya will prepare a slide with photos of committee.


Action: Riya

Pete will draft an evaluation form.


Action: Pete
Nisha will revise the programme and liaise with Conference venue. We will need 8 flip charts and pens and poster boards.


Action: Nisha

Nisha will clarify what administration support is available from the Medical Schools Council.


Action: Nisha
Nisha will sort out conference packs which will contain contact details of delegates, detailed timetables (with group allocations etc), flyer re DIMAH (including who we are).


Action: Nisha

Nisha will ask the AMEE representative to make the AMEE guide available


Action: Nisha

Enam and Candan to draft press release (perhaps by 25th April so gives people an opportunity to comment and to get to press offices) about DIMAH. Committee members will them disseminate this at their own Universities.


Action: Enam and Candan

Angela to contact John Prendergast in order to access the number of website hits received a week before and a week after the conference.


Action: Angela

A slide needs to be produced to show candidate what table they need to go to for workshop 2.


Action: Nisha

In this workshop the medical schools are asked to come up with a measurable action point to show they have achieved something in a year’s time. 20 minutes will be allocated for members to discuss their aspirations and 4O minutes to discuss the challenges. Facilitators will collate action points.



The website is now ready to take membership. Angela to send out joining instructions to the wider group and then email these to conference candidates after the conference.

Action: Angela


Future meetings

  • 21 July 2016 Liverpool
  • 14 October 2016 Bedfordshire
  • 3 Feb 2017 Manchester
  • 11 May 2017 Sheffield